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Overcoming Imposture Syndrome

In-person therapeutic workshop designed to help you uncover the root cause of imposture syndrome, build confidence and self-validation, and reframe self-talk to be compassionate and empowering.

Learning Self-Reiki and Sound Therapy

In-person educational workshop designed to help participants connect with life force energy within them. It is an eastern meditative practices that promotes relaxation, balances mood, and promotes a positive mental state through gentle touch or sound.

Acupressure for Mental Health

In-person educational workshop to teach participants how to stimulate pressure points in your body to calm the nervous system and provide relief from anxiety or depressive symptoms.

Anger Management

In-Person educational intervention to help individuals learn how to manage their anger by expressing it in healthy ways, eliminating negative behaviors, and gaining trust that they can experience anger without hurting themselves or others. Court Approved 16-Hour Course

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