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Founder, Channing Jones

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Hi there,

I’m Channing! I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor primarily serving adolescents and young adults who struggle with anxiety and depression; impulsive behaviors including suicidal and self-injurious behaviors; eating disorders; negative body image; history of trauma; work stress; and life transitions.

My role is to empower clients to reclaim their sovereignty, overwrite old limiting beliefs, and reconnect back to their whole, authentic self.
My treatment approach embraces the relationship between the mind and body, understands the intricate role of the nervous system, and use an evidence-based approach towards healing that restores the whole individual by blending modern neuroscience, psychotherapy, and body-based treatment modalities that lend support, nourishment, and transformation in your healing journey.

From my heart to yours, if you are ready to embark on a radical journey of change, allow me to gently guide and support you as we bring your mind and body back to its natural state of being.

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